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    Compass Q1
    Compass Q2
    Compass C1
    Compass C2
    Compass L1
    body structure aluminum alloy molding whole shape
    dimension 369×400.5×110 450×330×115 342×370×115.5 352.4×370×135 408×354×108
    driving wheel QL-10 omni wheel QMA-10 omni wheel HSL-15 Inflatable rubber wheel HSL-15 Inflatable rubber wheel crawler wheel
    diameter of driving wheel 101.6mm 101.6mm 152.4mm 152.4mm 108mm
    drive mode three-wheel independent drive four-wheel independent drive two-wheel independent drive four-wheel independent drive crawler wheel driving with two motors
    suspend kind no suspension rocker arm suspension driven wheel rocker arm suspension no suspension no suspension
    minimum space between robot to ground 17.5 22.5 23 42 23
    gross weight 13kg 16kg 14kg 17kg 16kg
    rated load capacity 20kg 20kg 20kg 30kg 30kg
    motor type coreless DC servo motor
    rated power of the motor 30W 30W 30W 30W 30W
    motor encoder 500 line/rev, A、 B phase output
    quantity of motors 3 4 2 4 2/4
    motor driver servo driver, supporting both CAN bus and RS232 interface
    maximum translational speed 1.2m/s 0.75m/s 1.2m/s 1.2m/s 0.8m/s
    maximum rotation speed 365°/s 215°/s 370°/s 260°/s 160°/s
    minimum turning radius 0m
    adaptive ground indoor,bituminous ground ,concrete ground with little depression Indoor, outdoor ordinary roads and muddy pavement
    typical duration time >10h(load capacity 5KG,moving speed  1m/s,moving rate70%) >8h(load capacity 5KG,moving speed  1m/s,moving rate70%) >8h(load capacity 10KG,moving speed  0.6m/s,moving rate70%)
    standby time >30h
    support electricity output 5V@2.5A / 12V@2.5A / battery voltage(22.4~29.2V)@>5A
    The default specification of The power of insurance tube 5×20/10A
    bettery capacity 24V/7.8Ah lithium-ion battery
    battery fast change support
    battery charger charger input voltage:AC100V~240V Charging current:5A Interface:direct plug-in
    DEMO development board RHF407development board(CAN×2,RS232×2,TTL×1,RS485×1,SPI×1,I2C×1,USB×1,ADC×8,DAC×2,PWM×8,LED×2,Button×2,IndependenI/O×24, Reusable I/O×29,TF interface×1,RTC battery back seat,ReusableTFT LCD interface×1)
    accessories battery charger