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    Chengdu Hangfa Robotics Co.,Ltd
    Hangfa company
  • Chengdu Hangfa Robotics Co. Ltd was found in 2002, HANGFA is mainly engaged in R & D, manufacture and market of hydraulic equipment and custom-designed electrical and mechanical equipment. Hangfa company passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification in 2007.And hangfa company got the name of Sichuan provincial high-tech enterprises in 2010. The company born out of Chengdu Aero Engines Corporation. The company totally Inherits rigorous work style of military enterprises, firmly insists on self-development, and definitely believes technology is the way to survive. Now we have more than forty items of various types of patents, filling the more than entry blank. The company is located in Chengdu Modern Industrial Park, with an area of 50 acres and more than 200 employees.
  • hangfa
    The first factory built and put into use in 2006
  • hangfa
    The second factory built and put into use in 2010
    Hydraulic and non-standard equipment Division
    Hangfa is one of the first hydraulic machine design and manufacturing enterprises in the southwestern region. From 1992 onwards, Hangfa (formerly Dahua) engineers began to focus on the design and manufacture of hydraulic equipment with high reliability and meeting customer demand. So far, we have provided totaling more than 2,000 units of hydraulic machines to several well-known domestic enterprises, most of these devices is still running smoothly. Our lithium tape extruder products for the manufacture of long-lasting lithium battery, a launch by praise, to achieve a 90% domestic market share. Division is mainly engaged in curing machine, lithium belt press, grounding module press business and non-standard electrical and mechanical equipment Customized services.
    Omniwheel Division
  • Hangfa bulid the omni-wheel divion in 2009,which commits to provide the market with high reliability industrial omni wheel products and services.The omni-wheel can bear the capacity 2KG ~ 3100KG.The division has the harsh treatment of product quality and constantly explored and tried new technology,thus the omni-wheel have been widely recognized.Hangfa company is currently the most professional manufacturer of industrial-grade omni-wheel in the world.
  • Division vision: to be the best omni-wheel in the world and be the industry leader.
    Robotics Division
  • Hangfa bulid the robot divion in 2011.The robot divion gradually brings together a number of robotics talent,which commits to provide the market with high reliability industrial robotic products and services. The products concluds the multi- , robotic arm, positioning systems, robotics accessories.We will quickly provide customers professional solutions and customization.
  • Division Vision: Let "HANGFA " become well-known brands in the world robotics.