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  • LPC-16 patrol sensor
  • Product Description
  • LPC-16 patrol sensor, Is diffuse reflective photoelectric line-tracking sensor, divided into three models for red, green and blue components, respectively, applied to different color and line color. Three models on the sensor is photosensitive device set has a corresponding color of narrow-band filters, respectively, and light source are using modulated light output so that the sensor can effectively resist the ambient light interference can work steadily at a complex light environment and light environment. Sensor environment calibration feature, enabling users to quickly in a new environment to calibrate the sensor, the sensor immediately adapt to the new environment, working at their best. Sensors and RS232Communication with CAN bus Interface.
  • Feature
  • Three models for red, green and blue components optional, best matching the user's color and line color
    Modulated light source, a photosensitive device filtersEnvironmental calibration functionCAN-bus RS232Communication Interface
  • dimension
  • Detailed Images
  • LPC-16R LPC-16G LPC-16B
    Light source color red green blue
    Filter photo color red green blue
    body structure 190×160×102mm
    Communication Interface CAN-bus、RS232
    Input voltage 5V
    Photosensitive components 16 group
    Photosensitive component spacing 1cm
    Environmental calibration function Support
    Annex Cables and terminal blocks, product information CD