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  • ULB-1
  • Product Description
  • ULB-1 Sending and receiving separated probe, to range within 1cm~6m distance of objects. With i2C bus, UART (TTL-level) two data Interface, and comes standard with mounting bracket.
  • Feature
  • Industrial grade qualitySmall blind regionI2C bus, and UART (TTL-level) two types of data InterfaceSupports up to 32 sensors modules via a bus the cascade
  • dimension
  • Detailed Images
  • body structure: 56×28×32mm
    Range: 0.01~6m
    Each probe maximum range frequency: 50Hz
    Sensor type: Sending and receiving separated
    Communication Interface: I2C, UART serial (TTL-level)
    Input voltage: DC5V
    Typical standby current: 30mA
    Typical operating current: 600mA
    Main parts: Module X1, mortise mounting bracket X1, Terminal X10, CDx1