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  • RHF407 Development Board
  • Product Description
  • RHF407 Development Board equipped with powerful Cortex M4STM32F407 the main chip, specifically robots and industrial field application accommodates multi-channel CAN bus RS485, RS232, PWM Interface, and provides sample code that allows users to achieve a variety of application development.
  • Feature
  • STM32F407VET6/LQFP-100Main chipCommunication Interface is rich in resourcesImmersion gold process for circuit board
  • dimension
  • Detailed Images
  • dimensions: 100×86
    control chip: STM32F407VET6/LQFP-100
    Onboard resources: CAN×2,RS232×2,TTL×1,RS485×1,SPI×1,I2C×1,USB×1,ADC×8,DAC×2,PWM×8,LED×2,Press×2,IndependentI/O×24,ReusableI/O×29,MicroSD(TF)Card interface×1,RTCBackup battery,ReusableTFT LCDInterface×1
    Input voltage: DC5V
    Typical standby current: 50mA
    Main parts: Control Board×1、CD×1