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    Diameter(mm) 310 406.4(16")
    Wide(mm) 150 234
    Wheels 7×2 6×2
    Bearing Type heavy duty Rolling Bearing
    Wheel Material Polyurethane
    Hub Material Aluminum steel
    Hub Surface Treatment High-Temperature Painting
    Mount Flange
    Flange Plate Thinckness(mm) 18.5 27
    Flange Plate Diameter(mm) 112 131
    Flange Cavity Inner diameter(mm) 126 139
    Typical Middle Hole Size(mm) 45 45
    Weight(kg) 16 45
    Load(kg) 600 1300
  • integrated molding process hub , high intensity ,high stiffness
  • This wheel uses integrated molding process, maximizing the mechanical properties of materials integrated molding process hub , high intensity ,high stiffness, reliable and long lifetime durable .
  • Rolling Bearing
  • Compared to sliding bearings and no bearings structure ,HMA series omni wheel use rolling bearing design . (to achieve ) It’s little friction, high precision ,high reliability ,convenient fix and it can be suitable for the continuous use .
  • load capacity between 0-1300KG。
  • The load capacity of this series can be 0-1300KG
  • better passing performance
  • The supporting structure of driven wheel, which makes the wheel hub less likely to touch the ground, improved the ground adaptability and passing performance of the Omini wheel.
  • industrial-grade quality
  • design and manufacture in accordance with industry standard。