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  • ULB-16
  • Product Description
  • ULB-16,16-channel integrated with ultrasonic detectors, unified and coordinated management, accurate fault location of objects within the 0.25~3 m. Users can take advantage of using methods, custom ranging module of 16 road works such as order grouping, ranging, and with RS232 communication via CAN bus, programming and data reading the entire module. The module can greatly simplify the coordination of parent device to multi-sensor management for easy system integration and increase system stability. 16 distance measurement sensor protection class IP65, able to adapt to outdoor applications.
  • Feature
  • Unified management of 16 sensors, programmable logic controlSensor protection ratingIP65Temperature compensation functionCAN bus RS232 communicationInterface
  • dimension
  • Detailed Images
  • Control Board Dimensions: Diameter160mm
    Range: 0.25~3m
    Each probe maximum range frequency: 50Hz
    Number of sensors: 16个
    Sensor cable length: 1m/2.5m
    Sensor protection rating: IP65
    Removable temperature compensation sensor: Standard
    Communication Interface: CAN-bus, RS232 serial port
    Input voltage: DC12V
    Input voltage: DC12V
    Typical standby current: 100mA
    Typical operating current: 900mA
    Main parts: Control Board×1、超声测距探头×16、温度传感器×1、CD×1