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  • HF DC servo motor
  • Product Description
  • HFmotor series motor is designed for mobile robot developed Coreless DC servomotor, equipped with a precision planetary gearbox and a high resolution encoder. Motor rotor Coreless structure, with low rotor inertia, good response Feature, large torque, power density, and other characteristics. Mainly for the mobile robotics and Industrial Automation fields.
  • Feature
  • Coreless rotor structurePrecision planetary gearboxes500 line Encoder
  • dimension
    1. *Threaded hole in the front position with back-end coder bulges toward no fixed point.
      *Reducer with reduction ratios differ in length with a few changes.
      *Reducer output shaft can be customized。
  • Detailed Images
  • Motor parameters
    Motor model Unit HFmotor-3230 HFmotor-3590 HFmotor-40150
    Rated power W 30 90 150
    Rated voltage V 24 24 24
    No load speed rpm 6500 5300 7260
    Rated speed rpm 5270 4680 6630
    No load current A 0.1 0.15 0.15
    Rated current A 1.45 4.1 6
    Rated torque mNm 41 104 170
    Locked rotor torque mNm 278 680 1350

    Gear parameters
    Shell material: Stainless steel Maximum radial load: 500N
    Gear materials: 40Cr Maximum axial load: 100N
    Output shaft: Stainless steel Output shaft radial clearance: ≤0.02 mm
    Flange material: Aluminum alloy Output shaft axial clearance: ≤0.02 mm
    Output-side bearing: Double ball bearing Working temperature: -40~+125℃
    Popular reduction ratio: 6/12.25/14/16/19/21/24/28.5/36/42.88/49/56/64
    Optional drive ratio: 3.5~216,Please contact customer service for advice

    Encoder parameter
    Number of pulses: 500rpm Signal type: Quadrature phase A, B
    Rated voltage: 5V Output mode: Voltage output, line driver (422) output