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  • 2013
  • The first displayed at the China International Exhibition Center (Beijing) debut in 2013.
    • 2011
      1. Hangfa bulid the robot divion in 2011.The robot divion gradually brings together a number of robotics talent,which commits to provide the market with high reliability industrial robotic products and services.
      • 2010
        1. Hangfa got the Hi-tech enterprise authenticated certificate in 2010.In the same year the company invested 15 million yuan for device NC transformation, the introduction of five meters itinerary large gantry machining centers, five-axis vertical machining centers, CNC lathes, various types of laser equipment.
        • 2009
          1. Hangfa bulid the omni-wheel divion in 2009,which commits to provide the market with high reliability industrial omni wheel products and services.
          • 2008
            1. The company's overall move to the north of Chengdu Modern Industrial Port Area in 2008, built two plant covers an area of about 50 acres. Since then the company has gradually introduced various types of technology and management talents, began to explore the industrial upgrading and transformation.
            • 2007
              1. Hangfa passed the certificate of quality management system.
              • 2002
                1. Hangfa had the institutional reforms and renamed Chengdu Hangfa Hydraulic Engineering Limited.
                • 2000
                  1. Hangfa developed China's first lithium-band extrusion machine for the manufacture of disposable lithium battery core material "Lithium belt." The product broke the monopoly of US equipment in the world in the lithium industry. Due to its high cost,Hangfa won the industry acclaim, helping China be the world's largest lithium material production base.
                  • 1999
                    1. Hangfa Established business contacts with a number of shoes shoe.And Hangfa occupied the largest vulcanizing machine market share in the Southwest.
                    • 1996
                      1. Double Star Shoe have ordered 150 flat vulcanizing machine which used in the manufacture of rubber shoes soles. Company vulcanizing machine industry gradually went on the right track and have developed unique technical advantages in a hydraulic valves and hydraulic cylinders.
                      • 1995
                        1. The company manufactured the first flat vulcanizing machine, thus Hangfa had the whole product with our own technology.
                        • 1992
                          1. An engineer from AVIC Chengdu Aero's established the Chengdu Dahua Hydraulic Machinery specialized to design and manufacture of hydraulic cylinders.