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    Diameter(mm) 101.6(4") 152.4(6") 203.2(8")
    Wide(mm) 45.7 53 53.8
    Wheels 10 14 18
    Bearing 20 28 36
    Bearing Type Rolling Bearing
    Wheel Material Rubber
    Hub Material Carbon Steel
    Hub Surface Treatment Electronickelling
    Mount Flange
    Typical Middle Hole Size(mm) 12 20 20
    Weight(g) 350 770 1200
    Load(kg) 30 35 40
  • produced by high precious technology
  • The wheel hub, molded by cold compressing steel plates ,is light to carry and has stable quality. The holes are punched by 5-axis machining center after cold compression molding, which ensures the final accuracy of the wheel hub.
  • small clearance in axial direction of driven wheel
  • Using manufacturing technology with high precision and operating compensation process for the clearance during the final assembly process maintains the clearance in axial direction of driven wheel in small range .
  • Multi-subdivision design
  • Even if the frame is not precise , the multi-subdivision of the circumference can make it stably operate .Avoiding the drawback of up and down vibration from usual omni wheel .
  • 2 bearings embedded in every driven wheel
  • 2 miniature bearings are embedded in every driven wheel , changing the sliding friction on driven wheel into rolling friction, smoothly the lateral movement , and truly realizing micro-resistance in lateral movement of omni wheel .
  • high quality rubber
  • The driven wheel adopts high-quality rubber , accompany with drum-shape and appropriate hardness.The Ql series omni wheel shows strong grip ability and almost silent in the process of measuring and testing on wood , tile, carpet and so on.
  • nickel-plated on the hub surface
  • nickel-plated on the hub surface , attractive and durable.
  • Continuous improving QMA series omni wheel
  • steady improvement is the traits of Hangfa product, it can ensure the customers get the best products and service .