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  • PLM-20 Omni Wheel
  • PLM20
  • Product Description
  • PLM series omni wheels is 90-degree economy middle load omni wheel . there are 2 Copper-based sliding bearings in the driven wheel. It aimed to supply the wheels with high precision, high economy and high endurance to customers. PLM series omni wheel use polyurethane rollers and integrated molding process hub, meanwhile they have various mounting dimensions to satisfy different applications.
  • Feature
  • high economy integrated aluminum molding process hubindustrial Copper-based sliding bearingshigh quality polyurethane rollerstrong load capacityreliable, long lifetime, stable quality
  • Dimension
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  • Detailed Images
  • Diameter: 203.2(8")mm Wide: 68mm
    Wheels: 12 Bearing: 24
    Bearing Type: Copper Sliding Bearing Wheel Material: Polyurethane
    Hub Material: Aluminum Hub Surface Treatment: No Treatment
    Mount: Flat key/Hexagon Hole/Set Screws/Bearing supports Typical Middle Hole Size: 8/9/10/12/15/17/20mm
    Weight: 1700g Load: 80Kg
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      Realistic picture
      Realistic picture
      Realistic picture
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