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  • QL-13 Omni Wheel
  • Product Description
  • QL series omni wheel is 90-degree precise light load omni wheel . there are 2 ball bearings in every driven wheel . it is aimed to supply products with high precise and high quality to satisfy customers’ various applications . QL series omni wheel has achieved zero clearance in axial direction of driven wheel with steady improvement, particularly suitable for different small robots.
  • Feature
  • zero clearance in axial direction of driven wheelDouble Multi-subdivision design2 bearings embedded in every driven wheelhigh quality rubberhigh-temperature painting technologysteadly improving Ql series omni wheel
  • Dimension
  • Detailed Images
  • Diameter: 127(5")mm Wide: 39mm
    Wheels: 22 Bearing: 44
    Bearing Type: Rolling Bearing Wheel Material: Rubber
    Hub Material: Aluminum Hub Surface Treatment: High-Temperature Painting
    Mount: Flat key/Set Screws Typical Middle Hole Size: 5/6/8/10/12/15/16mm
    Weight: 445g Load: 30Kg
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      Realistic picture
      Realistic picture
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  • QL-13CN.pdf