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  • HMC-1 remote control handle
  • Product Description
  • Pathfinder remote control integrates a wide range of control devices, wireless and wired communications, wireless remote control that is farthest distances up to 300 meters. Using the remote control of industrial-grade components, and is equipped with a LCD panel data, users can open communication protocol implementations for various applications.
  • Feature
  • Open, simple and easy communication protocolWireless and wired communications compatibleIndustrial grade componentsRich manipulation devices
  • dimension
  • Detailed Images
  • body structure: 190×160×102mm
    Distance wireless communication reference: 300m(Open space)/100m(Indoor shop space)
    Wired communication distance reference: 10m
    Wireless transceiver modules Communication Interface: RS232/TTL/USB
    Wired Communication Interface: RS232
    Wireless communication baud rate: 4800/9600/19200
    Wired communication baud rate: 4800/9600/19200/38400/57600/115200
    Data update rate: 1~150Hz(Wired)/1~50Hz(Wireless)
    Rocker: 1个(X、Y、Z、D Axis)
    Small rocker: 2个(X、Y、D Axis)
    Rotary potentiometers: 2个
    Rotating band switch: 2个×6档
    Rotary encoder: 2个
    Toggle switch: 5个×2Document
    Push button switch: 6个
    Typical full time: 12h(Brightness of the LCD screen is set to the highest)
    Typical recharge time: 3h
    Chargers Input voltage: AC100V~240V
    Annex: Wireless transceiver modules×1、Charging adapter×1、Charging cable×1、Shoulder strap×1、CD×1