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  • CMA-66 Omni Wheel
  • Product Description
  • CMA series omni wheel provide 4500KG payload maximum ,while maintaining high accuracy. This wheel uses integrated molding process, maximizing the mechanical properties of materials. All the CMA series omni wheels use rolling bearings, polyurethane materials on the driven wheel surfacewith good performance in stability , quietness, durability and omni-direction. They are able to adapt to various indoor and outdoor occasions.
  • Feature
  • integrated molding process hub , high intensity ,high stiffnessRolling Bearingpayload between 0-4500KGindustrial-grade quality
  • Dimension
  • Detailed Images
  • Diameter: 660.4mm Wide: 349mm
    Wheels: 8 Bearing Type: Rolling Bearing
    Load: 4500Kg Hub Material: Carbon Steel
    Flange Screw: 15-M14*1.5 Hub Bolt Screw Pitch Circle Diameter: 220mm
    Flange Plate Thinckness: 21mm Flange Plate Diameter: 254mm
    Flange Cavity Inner diameter: 332mm Typical Middle Hole Size: 170mm
    weight: 300Kg
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