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    Logistics and warehousing industry
    • In addition to being used in rail transportation, aerospace, wind power, metal, metallurgy and other industries,Hangfa omnidirectional mobile platform is also widely used in logistics and warehousing, construction, textile and other fields. For example, it is used for the transportation of warehouse goods, house modules, and products such as fabric rolls. The omnidirectional mobile platform can make the movement function in any direction in the two-dimensional plane, including omnidirectional movement forms such as straight, horizontal, oblique, arbitrary curve movement, and small turning radius steering. It improves the flexibility and efficiency of product handling in various fields. In the future, omnidirectional mobile platforms are gradually being applied to more new fields.
      Products case
      Yardage roll transport platform-1.5t Warehouse handling AGV-800kg Warehouse QR code navigation robot-500kg Warehouse omnidirectional vehicle-3t Square cabin transporter-3t Housing module transport platform-10t
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