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    Rail transit industry
    • Chengdu Hangfa Robotics Co., Ltd. produces omnidirectional mobile platform. It uses the highest-quality mecanum wheels and compound wheels produced by Hangfa to achieve the function of moving in any direction in a two-dimensional plane through the combination of different wheel sets speed and steering, including straight travel, traverse, oblique travel, arbitrary curve movement, small turning radius steering and other omnidirectional movement forms. It can freely shuttle on the bottom of the train and use the equipment movement and lifting accuracy to achieve high-precision positioning during assembly, which can be faster, more flexible, and more accurately complete the installation, disassembly, maintenance equipment, adjustment of the air rail train, hanging rails, etc. When two vehicles are linked, the two vehicles have millisecond-level synchronous communication and control, which can automatically realize the two vehicles' synchronous lifting movement, and it is especially suitable for the transportation and assembly of elongated heavy duty train.
      Products case
      3t Omnidirectional transporter 3t two-car linkage Wireway mounting platform 5.5t Omnidirectional transporter 5t Multifunctional mounting platform 10t two-car linkage mecanum transporter 5t two-car linkage transporter 15t two-car linkage transporter 15t two-car linkage transporter 25t two-car linkage transporter 25t two-car linkage transporter 40t Omnidirectional Automatic switching platform Installation platform for parts under the train Multifunctional component mounting platform empty orbital tractor 10t two-car linkage transporter 3t Transformer disassembly and assembly platform 5t Transformer disassembly and assembly platform 5t two-car linkage Transporter for locomotive 40t Transporter for container Transporter for train
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